Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SMBDC Tasting 8/13/11

The theme was canned beers.  Here are a few pictures from the next morning (people camped out)

Opened some bottles after the cans were gone...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can Trade

I have an upcoming tasting where the theme is canned beers.  Sought out some tasty brews from Half Acre

* - extra


Half Acre Daisy Cutter x2, Half Acre Gossamer x2, Half Acre Over Ale x2, Founders Devil Dancer*, Yazoo Brewing Sue*, Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster*, Deschutes Black Butte Porter*

Stanley Cup BIF Round 4 (Finals)

Received for the Bruins defeating the Canucks in the finals


Homebrew (Imperial stout?), Weyerbacher 16, Weyerbacher 15, Troegs Scratch Belgian Style Saison x2 , Voodoo Brewing Big Black Voodoo Daddy '09, East End Gratitude '09, Troegs Flying Mouflan