Monday, February 18, 2013

First Brew Day

I was very lucky to receive brewing equipment for Christmas but have just been looking at it ever since.  I knew there was a lot of reading to do first (highly recommend but there was also some procrastination involved.  For whatever reason, on Saturday I felt it was finally time.  I did some research online and found a pretty simple Chocolate Porter receipe from  There were some tweaks I made, one accidently!

3.3lbs Dark LME
3.3lbs Light LME
0.75lbs Molasses
0.25lbs Chocolate Malt (45' at 158°)
8oz Cocoa Powder

1oz EKG 4.7 AAU at 60'
1oz Fuggles 4.0 AAU at 30'
1oz EKG 5.7 AAU at 5'

The hops in the original receipe were slightly different, but given that I was making a non-hopcentric beer I figured that it wouldn't really matter.  The mistake I made was related to the cocoa powder.  I wasn't really paying attention and added it at the beginning of the boil.  Again, pretty sure it won't ruin anything, but just to be sure I added another ~6oz at the same time as the last hop addition.  Now it's time to wait!

I also received a box of beer in the mail a few weeks back and completey forgot to post it.  I'm already gearing up for my response


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