Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Spring!

Had a pretty good last half of March.  Brewed batch #2 (see below) and just bottled it last week.  Also brewed batch #3 on 3/20 - it's a Thai inspired Blonde Ale.  Going to let this one sit another week or so, mostly so I can save up empty bottles!  The IPA still has about another 2 weeks before being ready, so looks like I'll be drinking a lot of Porter for the time being.  The Porter is rounding into form, but is undercarbonated and too bitter (guessing that's due to the accidental early addition of cocoa powder).  It's not a drainpour though, so I'll consider that small victory!  Here's the recipe for the Blonde:

3.3lbs Light LME
2lbs Extra Light DME
2lbs American 2 Row
1.5lbs White Wheat Malt
8oz Honey Malt
Wyeast 1056

0.5oz Sorachi Ace at 60'
0.5oz Sorachi Ace at 10'
1oz Sorachi Ace at 0'

3oz minced ginger at 10'
2oz lemongrass leaves at 10'
1 lime, zested at 10'
1oz coriander at 10'
1 whirlfloc tab at 10'

Locally, two new beer-centric places just opened up.  First was In'finiti Fermentation and Distillation.  Really nice place, love the atmosphere.  All 3 beers they've put out - House (belgian table beer), IPA and Blonde have been really tasty.  Food's a bit pricey, but was worth it.  Next up was The Little Tap House.  Great beer selection, but seems like they need time to tweak their menu.  Prime example - the Soup, Salad, Sandwich section lists 3 salads and a burger.  Potential to be a frequent spot for me.  Finally, Allagash continues to turn out great coolship beers, with the most recent release being batch 2 of Cerise

Speaking of coolships, worked out a small deal involving Resurgam, FV13 and a few locals...

* - extra

Columbus Brewing IPA x2*, Bruery Otiose, Bruery Sour in the Rye, Bruery Tart of Darkness*